Collagen 8 has changed my life! I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after radiation and surgery I was put on medication that accelerates the aging process. These products have helped save my ‘face’ and are priceless for physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Maria Kaponias

I never wanted to use injectables and had tried everything else on the market. Since using your products my skin is plumped, hydrated and more youthful looking 24/7. I look forward to aging gracefully with beautiful looking skin, which still reflects the story of my life.

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People have asked me ‘what is the secret to looking younger’ because they think I have had some extreme salon or surgery treatment but I haven’t! It’s simply been the great 8’s. Thank you Amanda.

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Michelle Eccleston

Your products have given me the confidence to face the world each day without a mask of make-up. My skin feels fresher and younger. I feel beautiful on the outside now, not only on the inside.

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Clara Nyangwete

Collagen 8 gives visible results keeping the skin young, glowing and youthful. It works as an eye cream too and I’ve seen a great reduction of the lines around my eyes. I feel so fresh and young!

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