Revitalize Aging Skin with Vitamin C Cream

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins to get in your diet on a daily basis. It’s one of those that your body can’t create or store on its own but is essential for numerous functions. One of those is for the production of collagen, which helps to make the skin firm, flexible and healthy. The benefits of vitamin C for skin may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling. Vitamin C is one super vitamin that can work wonders on everything from signs of anti-aging to nail growth to vitamin C for skin.

  1. Full of Antioxidants to Protect Against Free Radicals.
  2. Improve Healing Responses in Your Skin.
  3. Boost Effectiveness of Sunscreen.
  4. Remove Acne Marks.
  5. Reduce the Look of Brown Spots.
  6. Make Your Skin Firmer and More Flexible.
  7. Reduce Irritation and Inflammation.

How Should You Use Vitamin C?

The best way to use topical treatments is a cream or moisturizer. You can add some vitamin C to your current nightly or moisturizing creams. Vitamin C is a skincare ingredient that is easily absorbed into the skin and produces vitamin C for skin.


Why Choose Ciencia Vitamin8 Skin Cream ? 

Doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons all agree that vitamin C is important for the health of your skin. As we age, free radicals break down the body’s vitamin C supplies and healthy collagen production consequently declines and results in loose, thin and wrinkled skin.

Known as ‘laser in a bottle’ Vitamin8 is a high-potency Vitamin C serum. It contains a 30% concentration of stabilized Vitamin C, fighting the battle against premature ageing and maintains your skins youthful appearance, working on areas of the face that are prone to develop wrinkles, age spots or sagging. This patented breakthrough ingredient sets a new benchmark in the ability to deliver concentrated Vitamin C to the layers of the skin where it is needed the most. Regular use will protect your skin from UV related damage as well as assist in improving pigmentation, skin texture and brightness, and promote a more radiant skin tone.

The active Ingredients in Vitamin8 are:

  • VCIP 30% active vitamin C.
  • Lipomoist™ 2013 Molecular Film – Our exclusive and unique formulation delivering more potent hydration than hyaluronic acid.