known as

"laser in a bottle"



Blemish Corrector – 15ml


About Vitamin8 – 15ml

Known as “laser in a bottle”, Vitamin 8 is a high potency Vitamin C wonder product to fight premature ageing, blemishes and spots. Leaving your skin smooth and clear.

Vitamin8 is an industry leading Vitamin C serum containing 30% stabilised Vitamin C sourced from Niko, Japan (the most expensive, highest concentration available on the market). Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient to reduce severe blemishes and pigmentation.

Vitamin8 is a gold standard in the beauty industry.

The active Ingredients in Vitamin8 are:

  • VCIP 30% active vitamin C.
  • LIPOMOIST – Our exclusive and unique formulation delivering more potent hydration than hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin8 can be compared to: Laser treatments

How to apply: apply a small amount to blemishes or to the whole face, morning and night.

“Vitamin 8 is pure magic in a bottle, I love to use this super concentrated serum as an overnight mask once a week to give my skin a boost of energy if i know I have a busy day coming up.”


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