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Lip Corrector


About Lipcorrect8 – 4ml

Lipcorrect8 will instantly plump, hydrate and rejuvenate your lips. Specially formulated to target the signs of ageing in the delicate lip area.

Lipcorrect8 is formulated to create softer, fuller looking lips and help to reduce the lines around the lip, nose and mouth. The skin around your nose and lips is different from the rest of the face so special ingredients are needed to help them to look their best.

Lipcorrect8 is one of our most popular products for women of all ages.

Clinical studies have shown that Lipcorrect8’s key ingredients can:

  • Hilurlip™ Functional Ingredient – 40% immediate hydration increase, 40% lip volume increase in 4 weeks.
  • Hyanfy – 14% nasolabial fold reduction and 66% Hyaluronic Acid increase in 14 days.
  • Seacode™ Marine Ingredient – 100% Collagen Type I increase in 14 days.

Lipcorrect8 can be compared to: fillers

How to apply: click the bottom of the ampule to load pump, gently roll applicator ball over lips and nasolabial folds, morning and night.


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