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Bluelimin8 30ml


Digital & Photo Ageing Serum


Ciencia8 Bluelimin8

Bluelimin8 is the world’s first product specifically formulated to protect and repair the damage caused to the skin by artificial blue light emitted by the ever-increasing screen technology that surrounds us.

Bluelimin8 contains a world first ferment extract sourced through biotechnology from a microorganism that lives in the Eastern Pyrenees. Lumicease™ Blue Ingredient extract can help your skin to reactivate its epidermal photosensors, helping to reduce the appearance from artificial blue light.

Reduces wrinkles, roughness, sagging and pigmentation.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply one or two pumps to face and neck
area, morning and night.


  • Lumicease™ Blue Ingredient – 11.7% brown spot reduction and 21.5% wrinkle reduction in 56 days.
  • LIPOMOIST™ 2036 Molecular Film – Our exclusive and unique formulation delivering more potent hydration than hyaluronic acid.


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