Beauty therapists such as Amanda know that keeping your skin well hydrated, will keep it more radiant and taught, since it’s less likely to become flaky or inflamed from extreme dryness. After many clients presented with cracked and dry skin Amanda realised that a multi-faceted approach was needed to combat aging and wrinkles for her clients, and began to research the best active ingredients to serve this purpose.

The more humidity in the air, the more moisture there will be in your dermis, so this indicates that living in a dry climate like Australia means your face is a lot more likely to develop wrinkles. The naturally occurring water in your skin can evaporate just by being outside, in addition to the moisturizer you use evaporating more rapidly as well.

What you can do: Use Arestaline 8 morning and night, and top that off with a routine including our Cleanse 8 and Preparation 8 to keep skin hydrated.